Featured Tours

First Light Safaris will help you discover the best places in the world to view incredible wild animals. We offer naturalist led safaris to the best wildlife viewing destinations. Rather plan your own adventure? Check out our suggested itineraries and contact us to help craft the perfect vacation for you and your loved ones.


Safari Activities

Experience the wonder of a wildlife viewing safari. Game drives offer you a “front row” experience to the drama of life that is our natural world. Want to truly feel the heartbeat of the wilderness? Set off on foot with well-trained guides as you enter the domain of creatures great and small. Other activities await to ensure your expectations are satisfied beyond imagination.



A personalized and customized safari planning process designed for those who yearn for an intimate experience with the natural world. My aspiration is to share my passion for nature and to help others nurture and discover the same. In doing so, we help ensure a future for wildlife and wild places.


Camps & Lodges

We adhere to a strict code of ethics when it comes to wildlife, sustainability, conservation, and social responsibility. First Light Safaris partners with camps and lodges that share our values and commitment to the future of wildlife and people.


Awaken The Senses

As the first rays of light begin to morph the night sky into day, the natural world stirs. Immersed in a sea of life far from the distractions of a modern world, your senses awaken to sights, sounds, and smells of a primordial landscape. Begin your day in paradise. Your safari beckons.



Enjoy the memories of past safaris and visit our amazing photo galleries. We hope the photos inspire you to embark on a wildlife viewing adventure. An investment in a safari is an investment in preservation.



“A Partnership in Conservation”

The decision to embark on a wildlife viewing safari is an investment in preservation. For customized itineraries, First Light Safaris will donate 1% of your total booking price to one of the following conservation organizations of your choosing.  For set itineraries with me as your tour leader, 1% of the entire group’s booking costs will go to one charity that benefits conservation within the country we visit. There are a multitude of worthwhile charities around Africa. The top safari operators are deeply involved in supporting local communities. One such program is supporting a child to attend school. My wife and I have been privileged to sponsor a young man through The Bushcamp Company’s, Charity Begins at Home. He is the son of a scout I worked with in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park.