Code of Ethics


A quality experience rests on the integrity of the safari company and its guides. Eco-tourism has become an important industry that contributes greatly to conservation and empowers local people. The last strongholds for wildlife are in protected areas. If not managed properly, the negative effects on wildlife and local communities could very well deprive future generations the chance at witnessing the majesty of the natural world.

Social Responsibility
The success of Eco-tourism is not possible without the help and support of communities located in and around Africa’s protected areas.  Our partners hire locally, are involved with a variety of initiatives that enhance the lives of local people, and inspire new generations to enjoy and protect wildlife.

We partner with camps and lodges that are actively involved in conservation by supporting wildlife research and education, endangered species and habitat protection, anti-poaching efforts, and non-hunting programs that work to minimize human/wildlife conflict.  

Memories Not Trophies!
First Light Safaris does not support trophy hunting. We only do business with safari operators who we feel share our vision for a Trophy Free Africa.

Eco-tourism is a major reason we are able to protect wildlife and wilderness.  We have a responsibility to minimize and reduce the human footprint to ensure a bright and sustainable future for the natural world.

Wildlife Viewing and Photography
First Light Safaris believes in a set of ethics that strives to put the animal first.  All efforts should be made to ensure a safe and memorable experience for us while minimizing disturbance to wild animals.