There is truly a feeling of familiarity when you first step into the African wilderness. Somewhere buried deep within our genetic makeup, our subconscious recognizes the land underfoot as where we evolved as a species. A species molded by a wild landscape with the greatest display of life anywhere on the planet. The feeling is intangible and one needs to experience it to feel it.

From my experience managing a bushcamp, I know what makes for a quality safari experience. My goal is to use camps and lodges with the best reputations in ethics, guiding, conservation, social responsibility, and game viewing.

Having worked in some of America’s busiest national parks for the majority of my adult life, I know how crowds can have a negative influence on wildlife and one’s overall park experience. This is why my preference is to book smaller camps and lodges to enhance that feeling of intimacy with nature.

Dealing with the bigger safari travel companies can be overwhelming. You deserve better. This is your journey and I will work with you directly to develop an itinerary that meets your expectations.

First Light Safaris does not support trophy hunting.  Our partners share our vision for a Trophy Free Africa.  Many non-hunting safari operators will say privately they are against trophy hunting, but when pressed to take an official stance, they remain silent or “neutral”.  The camps and lodges you will find on this website are ones who walk-the-walk and not just talk-the-talk.