While on safari, you will have many wonderful wildlife viewing experiences. During game drives, wildlife exhibit exceptional tolerance to the presence of vehicles in close proximity. With walking safaris, the dynamic is more tenuous. Wildlife will frighten more easily. Having a quality guide is essential to ensure a safe wildlife viewing experience for both people and wildlife.

A guide can make or break your safari vacation. The best in the business are held to the highest standards of knowledge, training, and ethics. A professional guide exhibits expertise as a tracker, teacher, zoologist, ornithologist, and botanist. The one characteristic the exceptional guides possess is genuine enthusiasm for what they do. Seeing the gleam in the eye of a guide as he shares an experience with you demonstrates a passion for what they do.

Your guide will work tirelessly to locate wildlife. Very often, they are pressured to only find the charismatic mega-fauna. Be patient and trust your guide. My best wildlife experiences have begun by enjoying the little things the bush has to offer. Why? There are no expectations other than the unexpected. Nothing is guaranteed. Respect the bush and the bush will reveal its treasures to you.