Our Mission.  To promote ethical, responsible and sustainable wildlife viewing and photographic tourism while minimizing and reducing the human footprint and disturbance to all creatures of the natural world.  We wholeheartedly support all efforts to convert hunting areas across Africa into viable, wildlife safe areas for future generations.  To encourage careful management of our remaining wild areas to the benefit of communities, not just financially, but by also providing opportunities for local people to see, enjoy, and learn about their wildlife.

Our goal.  To create unique and special adventures for you and your loved ones.  We offer personalized safari planning and naturalist led tours to exceptional wildlife destinations across Africa.  First Light Safaris strives to preserve nature and inspire others to protect the diversity of life in Africa and around the world.  A safari is an investment towards a future for wildlife.

Our philosophy.  First Light Safaris strongly believes trophy hunting should have no place in conservation.  First Light Safaris strives to influence others in the safari industry to support a Trophy Free Africa.

Our Motto.  Memories Not Trophies!