Nasikia Camps

Nasikia Camps “are an intimate collection of mobile and semi-permanent camps located in the prime wildlife viewing areas of Tanzania’s northern safari circuit – experience the wilds of Tarangire, the incredible herds of the southern Serengeti plains, the wildlife-filled central areas and a short drive to the gauntlet of the Mara River.”

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KasKaz Mara Camp “The ten tented suites are superbly located to provide a indulgent base for optimal migration viewing all through out the year.  With large netted windows and draped roofing in each suite for Serengeti-style air conditioning, cotton curtains dancing on the breeze, over-sized beds, indoor and out door furnishings of style, expansive floor space, great hardwood double vanities, hand-carved decor with Swahili flair.  Kaskaz Mara Camp proposes style and grace in the far northern Serengeti.  The camp is available for drive in or game package clients, all while taking special care to illustrate the unique environment they are welcomed to.”

Naona Moru Camp “Located on an elevated viewing point beside the famous Moru Kopjes, this tented camp allows for drive in and game package clients to explore the resident and migratory wild game all year round. The landscape pans from the great southern plains of the Serengeti into the central hub of the most famous national park in Africa, close to Seronera Airstrip. The tented suites cater for honeymooners with private bush dinners, a small group of friends and even families with large tents to place bedding for two adults and up to three children.”

Kusini Kopjes Kambi Camp “Atop the ancient kopjes of the southern Serengeti, Kusini Kopjes Kambi is perched and poised in anticipation of another African dawn.  With views from every tented suite across the incredible southern Serengeti plains, this is a property that commands attention. The elevation exercises it’s right to the cool afternoon breezes, while guests are enthralled with the dramatic sinking of the blazing sun.  A lit campfire to mesmerize; a sundowner to savor in hand.”

Ehlane Plains Camp “has been established in the far eastern plains of the Serengeti, a remote and wildlife-filled pocket of the savannah.  This is where the magic begins, this is where your dream of wild Africa comes alive.  ‘Ehlane’ is a Zulu word which translates to ‘wilderness’.  It is a clear description of the extraordinary and newly accessible location which presents forth an unsurpassed display of predators and predator activity.  It is here in the Soit le Motonyi region, far from the Serengeti transit areas, that you are able to find something wild and spectacular amongst this rough country. The area is unique; unspoilt, silent, remote and truly exciting.”

Nasikia Mobile Camp “8-12 tents that remain mobile throughout the year, depending on seasonal reservation requirements and location of the wildebeest migration. We endeavor to retain the uniqueness and intimacy of the camp, whilst being directed by the location, wildlife and other factors of responsible tourism. 01 June – 31 October – located at Bologonja, in the far northern areas of the Serengeti. This puts us in a great position to game drive to the Bologonja and Mara Rivers in the hope of gaining a view as the herds run the gauntlet of crocodiles as they cross the rivers. This is typically ideal, especially between mid-July and mid-September each year.”

Tarangire Ndovu Camp “is located in the heart of Tarangire, Tanzania’s wild land and landscapes.  Tarangire is famed for its massive elephant herds, true sense of wilderness and a gentle backdrop of baobabs.  It is the lesser visited but more intriguing park on the northern circuit.  At Nasikia Tarangire Camp, we have 8-10 mobile tents established during it’s most incredible time – 15th June – 31st Oct.  During these dry months, the massive elephant herds travel through the corridor between Manyara and Tarangire and spend their time in and around the park.”