How You Can Help

The decision to embark on a wildlife viewing safari is an investment in preservation. For customized itineraries, First Light Safaris will donate 1% of your total booking price to a conservation organization dedicated to protecting wildlife while also sharing in our vision of a Trophy Free Africa.

There are a number of conservation organizations that benefit local communities as well. We support the following:

You have the ability to make a difference! There are five questions we use to help us determine what camps and lodges we offer. Those questions are as follows:

1. Does a company sell both photographic and hunting safaris?
2. Are any of a company’s owners or shareholders trophy hunters?
3. Even if a company only sells photo safaris, do they share or receive any profits from hunting companies?
4. Does the company support trophy hunting?
5. Has the company taken a stance or made statements against trophy hunting?

Even if you decide to book a safari with another company, including the agent company representing them, ask them these five questions.
Decide whether their answers satisfy your stance in regards to trophy hunting. As an industry, if we are going to change how countries manage wildlife, we must start speaking with one voice: “Memories Not Trophies”!

Unfortunately within the conservation world, non-profits also send mix signals in regards to trophy hunting. Some of these conservation groups will even call for the legalization in the trade of wild animal parts such as elephant ivory, tiger bone, or rhino horn. Use the five questions above before sending your hard earned money to a non-profit.

Lastly, the power of the pen does work. Write to the tourism and/or wildlife departments of the various countries that profit off their wildlife. Tell them to not support trophy hunting as a conservation tool. Tell them to convert hunting concessions into areas where wildlife are stalked with a camera and not a rifle. Visit our “Destinations” page for more information about the countries we offer and links to their tourism departments.