With a third of the country set aside for conservation, Zambia’s wildlife viewing is just as remarkable as the more popular safari countries. The pristine Luangwa Valley has one of the densest populations of big game animals in all of Africa where safari operators offer small, intimate, and remote camps. The other top game viewing parks are Kafue (the size of New Jersey) and Lower Zambezi with its stunning views and incredible game viewing. Liuwa Plains is also an incredible story of rebirth and is home to the 2nd largest wildebeest migration in Africa. Zambia is the birthplace of the walking safari and if you are keen on experiencing the bush on foot, there is no place better than in the valley of the leopard; South Luangwa National Park. 

Our concern with Zambia is many safari operators surprisingly remain quiet in regards to trophy hunting even when there was clear evidence to shut it down in 2013. Hunting was prohibited because too many lions, leopards, and other wildlife were being killed.  Trophy hunting has been reinstated and the hunting industry appears to have a strong influence in Zambia. 

That being said, we are extremely happy to offer Robin Pope Safaris (South Luangwa National Park) and Sausage Tree Camp (Lower Zambezi National Park) to our clients who yearn for the perfect safari away from the crowds while immersed in some of the most pristine areas left in the world. These two companies share our conservation ethic for a Trophy Free Africa. Booking a Zambia safari with our partners will go a long way towards convincing the Zambian government and other safari operators a non-hunting future for wildlife is the only way forward!


Click on the following link for detailed information on Zambia’s national parks. Zambia Tourism